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How It Works

The course is divided intro three components which are the core elements of web design. You will learn how to research and analyse a real-life project and start the development process of a website.

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Learn Basic Web Design

You will learn how to design shapes and objects easily and correctly using Adobe Fireworks design software.

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Research and Analysis

You will discover the power of research and learn to collect data for web design projects for a specific target audience.

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Design and Development

You will design a website in detail, and code using HTML and CSS framework into a fully functional website.

The Goal

Starting from the ground up, we will analyse the core concepts
of web design, development and build a fully functional website from scratch.
And all this at your own pace.

Over 700 minutes of knowledge for a life-time, including the source files. All for a one-time investment. Join the community and start learning right away with other members.


Course Outline

30+ Videos, 700+ Hours of Step-by-Step Web Design Techniques and Strategies

Module 1 - Introduction to Design
00 - Introduction to Design (10:27)
01 - Shapes, Circles, Lines and Images (16:27)
02 - Shapes with Shadows and Image Import (10:26)
03 - Rectangles, Circles and Other Shapes (10:37)
04 - Text in Adobe Fireworks (10:01)
05 - How to Align Objects - Part 1 (07:23)
06 - How to Align Objects - Part 2 (05:09)
07 - Object Properties (06:45)
08- Gradients on Objects and Text (05:15)
Module 2 - Web Design Tutorials
01 - Research (15:27)
02 - Organize and Gather Content (15:32)
03 - Wireframe Design (12:36)
04 - BillBoard Design (21:23)
05 - Navigation Menu Design (15:00)
06 - Welcome Area (36:26)
07 - Three Boxes Section (14:57)
08 - Gallery Introduction (32:27)
09 - Footer Section (20:29)
10 - About Me (15:35)
11 - Services Page (22:38)
12 - Gallery Page Design (17:42)
13 - Blog Page Design (07:03)
14 - Contact Page Design (18:12)
Module 3 - Code a Website HTML & CSS
01 - Introduction (05:47)
02 - Navigation and Billboard (50:35)
03 - Welcome Text Area (43:34)
04 - Three Boxes (45:21)
05 - Gallery Teaser (24:43)
06 - Footer (37:27)
07 - About Me (38:27)
08 - Services (30:27)
09 - Gallery (54:10)
10 - Blog Markup (08:57)
11 - Contact Page (39:04)
12 - Conclusion (12:26)

Frequently Asked Questions

When you join WanPixel, you’ll be able to follow all lessons and learn the exact
skills needed to develop a professional website from scratch.

Yes. The best part of this course is the fact that you can learn at your own pace. I also speak as I would in person (even if you’re completely new to Web Design). Every video lesson that I produce can be consumed and understood by anyone with the desire to learn.

Currently, the fee is 250,000 TZS for the entire course modules.
Introduction to Design, How to Design a Website and How to Code a Website.

We have mobile, bank or cash on delivery (COD) as payment options.
You can also pay with VODA LIPA number 57390046 under the name DAUDI DANIEL NUNGWANA.

Upon payment confirmation, you will be verified and granted permission to access the course.

The course is a series of recorded videos in a Telegram channel.
You must have Telegram App installed on your device.

The course is in KISWAHILI, with occassionally a few English words :)

With more than 700 minutes at your disposal, you can learn at your own pace.
There is no fixed duration.

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